Jan 26, 2011

One Window Service Office (OWSO)

One Window Service Office (OWSO) project is a component of Demand for Good Governance (DFGG) project financing by grant of the Internstional Development Association (IDA) represented by World Bank (US$ 3,531,428) and by the Royal Government of Cambodia (US$ 1,230,287); the estimated cost is US$ 4,761,715 for 4 years, 2009-2012.

The most visible and well-known result of the district reform is the OWSO that has made a name for itself well beyond the borders of the two districts. The OWSO, as the name suggests, is a single office for delivery of certain administrative services commonly required by citizens and small business at the local level. It consists of a ‘front office’ for interacting with citizens, giving out forms and collecting documents, and a ‘back office’ which consists of ‘competent agents’ who are delegated here from the 6 line ministries that have transferred functions to the OWSO. The OWSO provides around 30 different services among others the registration of motorbikes, small shops and licenses for constructions for houses up to 500 square meters. The OWSOs in Siem Reap and Battambang have been in operation since early 2005

The thing that makes the OWSO unique in Cambodia is that the fees for the various services are transparent and are publicly displayed for all to see in the OWSO and the service is provided in a timely and consistent manner.

Be noted that, to study and develop the project proposal of OWSO/DO, and to continue to support the project that will be implemented from 2009-2012, National Committee for the Management of Decentralization and De-concentration (its name is now changed to The Nationa Committtee for Sub-National Democratic Development) has formed the District Support Team according to decision No. 008 ssr/NCDD dated 22nd, January, 2008.