Mar 2, 2011

China phone market in Cambodia

China phone is the mobile phone made in China. China phone’s prices are very cheap and it built-in with multifunction. It can supports mp3, memory, internet GPRS, Bluetooth, FM radio, Camera, Video, Dual SIM…..China mobile phone name as branch Nokia, LG, Sony Ericson, Iphone….but they are fake products. It look like the real phone. Some China mobile phones are durable. This is my mobile phone. It cost 65 us dollar(new). I used it mostly a year. It just like a premium one stylist, stainless steal cover, dual SIM support, touch screen. So it really save the money if I spend for the original branch with these function. In Cambodia currently China mobile phone are very fast growing market. They are available at any store in Phnom Penh. Spare parts supplier, Accessories and repairing service are easy to find.

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