Jun 24, 2011

Cambodia Map Vector (*.AI) Download

This is Victor Graphic Map of the Cambodia in Adobe Illustrator(*.AI) with Khmer Unicode font(kh *). Victor Graphic Image is the high quality graphic. it is re-sizable and editable.

Download quality cambodia map>>https://docs.google.com


  1. The Great Combination Design

    There is the project offers a great combination between original chalet-style building with traditional façade and highly contemporary style.

    Leading to construction in Cambodia
    construction materials said, this hotel offers 123 guestrooms and combined modern interior with sleek furniture and distinctive rustic note felt in the use of natural materials and fabrics.
    One more thing you can find the combination styles all around the premises such as seating areas of carved wooded, local craft stone cladding walls and welcome desks that are illuminated by designer’s lamps.

    Moreover the entire lamp is designed of art craft that is responding perfectly with the stylish atmosphere of the space and the concrete materials choice.

  2. The Office with the Nature

    This is an office is designed under the very old building, leading to furniture shop in Cambodia
    construction materials said.

    By this way this office is designed by restoring to its former glory, and the original interior layout is used as the basis for the new floor plan design.
    One more thing the characteristic features are included the wide central corridor on the various levels.

    In addition the marble floors and ornamental ceilings echo the house’s rich history and this office is really nice with the naturel view surrounding, which will provide more interesting and attractiveness for the staff.

    More than this it offers the fresh and clean environment for all people enter in this office.

  3. The Contemporary Atmosphere House

    This house is designed with the tall ceilings and a cleaver layout, according to construction in Cambodiaconstruction materials cited.
    In this side the purpose of this design is to contribute the large space, and it features tall white walls, the feeling of an airy home.
    One more thing the living room is the core of this house with large windows and minimalist arrangements.
    In addition there is a large sofa decorate in the room, but it still leaving enough space for armchair, a piano, a fireplace, a round glass table and a wide screen TV.
    Anyway a semi-oval window lets in plenty of natural light, and this house has two bedrooms and two bathrooms, but it is still enjoyable with contemporary atmosphere.

  4. For the learning crowd

    As successful furniture shop in Cambodia construction materials informed, the featured kitchen’s function has a slight alteration if compares with others. It also use of cooking classes of 20 students. Hence, the space was separated into two halves by a wide peninsula.
    "One side is the wet area where the cooking is carried out," said owner Jill Speight. "The other area is more of a breakfast area, which has its own bench, sink, refrigerator and dishwasher."
    The brief also includes a timeless designed as well. "The coarse grain of the American ash shows through the lacquer, creating an interesting effect," designer Jochen Lenfert said. "To avoid the monotony of an all-white room, we added a furniture-style extension to the peninsula and small, square cupboards of solid American oak. This is matched by the flooring."

  5. Open invitation by Geoff Prentiss

    "The clients, who are very interested in design, wanted a modern kitchen where several people could work at the same time, and they wanted a much lighter, brighter space." architect Geoff Prentiss said about owner’s ideal concept for the featured kitchen’s refurbishment, according to reliable furniture shop in Phnom Penh construction materials information.
    Prentiss decided to have an open plan kitchen to invite the outdoor nature and natural light to connect with the space.
    "Raw steel features in other areas of the house, so we have continued the look here," Prentiss stated. "The frosted glass and the lights inside the cabinetry reinforce the light, bright quality of the space. And the brushed stainless steel backsplash reflects both the natural daylight and the under-cabinet lighting."
    "We floated a large wood bar top above the island so it doesn't look too heavy," added Prentiss. "The top is part of a huge Douglas fir beam that was formerly a structural support for the roof."

  6. The Amazing Wide Leisure

    This is an amazing wide leisure area has been designed in custom-designed by lighting interior designer Ben Rousseau, leading to furniture shop in Phnom Penh construction materials said.
    One more thing, the house has been used its space to relax party and play game. In addition, the main feature of the lounge is a color-changing INSA bubble chair and a matching coffered ceiling with the same striking graphic illuminated by two levels of color-changing LEDS around each step.
    The cocktail bar in pearled and silver flecked Tadelac has strips of warm white LED lighting to make the most of the multifaceted angles of the counter.

  7. Classical and symmetrical by Mary Douglas Drysdale

    Provided by notable furniture in Cambodia
    construction materials
    , for this neutral and spacious kitchen, a classical appearance with geometrical symmetry were called for regarding its renovation project by designer-architect Mary Douglas Drysdale.
    "The previous space consisted of a small triangular kitchen and adjoining room, both with an eight-foot ceiling. We opened these up and excavated down, which increased the roof height by two feet. We then changed the location of the windows and doors to line them up." said Drysdale.
    Geometrical forms such as spheres, cubes and rectangles evoke the symmetry. Appliances are carefully integrated into the cabinetry of traditional style.
    "Paneled walls and chandeliers were traditionally reserved for formal eating areas or libraries, but incorporating them in a modern kitchen gives the space a classical formality," added Drysdale

  8. The Contemporary Asian Elegance Design

    Here is the modern contemporary Asian elegance design of the unique house, leading to furniture shop in Cambodia
    construction materials
    One more thing, this dining interior is really great place to have a nice meal with family and guests.
    In addition, the house has been created with nature, and its windows and views look so well like spaces clad in magnificent wood, spectacular lightning solutions and playful material palette are the trademarks of the house.
    Furthermore, at the lobby and reception area the architects successfully create an interesting dynamic, using minimalistic and clear lined elements such as white, black and warm wood interweave in opposed shaping solutions.
    Indeed, this dining is well with lighting arrangement and furniture furnishing, so it really have good inviting.

  9. The Impressive Lighting Fresh House

    Here is the beautiful lighting fresh house has been created to meet the owners’ lifestyle, leading to furniture shop in Cambodia construction materials stated.
    One more thing, this house has been developed by Seattle-based David Vandervort Architects to reflect and frame the waterfront views, through mirroring glass walls.
    According to the architects, “the exterior materials allude to island appropriate but substantial design, with CMU block, naturally stained cedar siding, hot rolled steel and metal roof being the predominant elements.
    These materials are brought inside as structure and accent, with the great room fireplace set in CMU and steel columns evident throughout.
    These columns support a nearly two story curved window wall and loft overlook in the Great room”.

  10. Modern counterpart by Lawrence Sumich

    Delivered by trustworthy construction in Cambodia construction materials, for the featured house linear with the oceanic waterfront, architect Lawrence Sumich chose a bold, and contemporary style for its renovation.
    "Looking at the surroundings, we decided the site warranted a bold design. Single-level, flat-roofed dwellings are either side, the canal is in front, so it felt like it was on a limb, looking toward the mountains in the distance."
    "The exterior is composed of two distinct structures. The design of the more substantial two-story form, which houses the bedrooms, three bathrooms, an office, garage, is a modern interpretation of a traditional tin-roofed barn," stated Sumich. "There are no eaves, and the zinc-clad roof features hidden guttering."
    "Balancing this more dominant structure is the modern, lighter form – a semi-transparent glazed pavilion that houses the main living area and kitchen, and allows easy interaction between interior and exterior."
    "The slats and shutters tie everything together architecturally," added Sumich. "They give softness and texture against the concrete, provide a sense of security when viewed from the front, and also allow light to create interesting shapes on the walls."

  11. Open private by Peter Nicholas

    "The main requirement was for a home that would maximize the useable outdoor space while at the same time provide an appropriate level of privacy," said architect Peter Nicholas, of the renovated concept in remodeling the above home, according to reliable furniture shop in Phnom Penh construction materials information.
    "A staggered facade, mix of cladding materials, and in this instance, extensive glazing at the basement level, all work to give the impression of a much lighter presence."
    "The lot is typical for Chicago, which results in limited building width, so while you want to maintain privacy between houses, you also have the dilemma of how to bring natural light inside.
    "By utilizing the centrally located stairwell, we were able to have it function as a light well, from which we could pull light into the rest of the house."
    "The rooftop area, with its Jacuzzi and casual seating is well suited to entertaining, while the courtyard is ideal for al fresco dining."

  12. Historical Italian – Natural stone countertop from Fine Line Pacific

    Provided by notable furniture in Cambodia construction materials, for the featured house, natural stone countertops supplied by Fine Line Pacific were evident throughout the house’s design for the traditional Italian-style look.
    Pental Marble and Granite were opted for this home. In the kitchen, a range of granite varieties and travertine was used. The bathrooms feature several different granites and marbles, and the office includes an exotic, highly textured Copper Canyon granite.
    The firm also offers other stone types for clients with a computer mock-up for their approval before the final stage is done.
    Fine Line Pacific also specialize in fabrication, installation and turnkey project solutions with a complete service.

  13. Breaking tradition – Kendall Square Biotech Laboratory design by Steven Ehrlich

    For the new Kendall Square Biotech Laboratory, architect Steven Ehrlich wanted the design to reflect the activity and culture that occurs within, as delivered by trustworthy construction in Cambodia construction materials.
    "Each texture represents one of the four components that make up a DNA molecule, and the pattern echoes the sequencing of DNA strands," said Ehrlich. "The facade changes character as the light changes at different times of the day."
    "The terracotta panels and channel glass create a lively composition of overlapping planes and cubic mass," added Ehrlich. "The warm earthiness of the terracotta is a counterpoint to the translucent, fluid quality of the channel glass – it provides a kinetic counterplay between weight and weightlessness."
    Natural light and a sense of community which most science’s building lack are incorporated in the featured premises.