Oct 8, 2013

Rama- Khmer Shadow Art


Rama means “that which revels in everything” ‑ the pure light of Consciousness, the Atman, the Self.  This spiritual essence in us can come out only as the son of Dasharatha, the one who has conquered all the ten Indriyas (sense organs) ‑ the five  Gyana Indriyas (organs of perception) and five Karma Indriyas (organs of action).

This spiritual essence is born in each person and reborn only in Ayodhya, which in Sanskrit means “where there is no conflict:” In Ayodhya, which is ruled only by a self-controlled individual, anyone given to self-indulgence and sensual pleasures can have no peace and tranquillity.  Dasharatha’s son Rama is born.

This Rama, the pure Self, cannot enter into active participation in life unless wedded to Sita, the mind.  She is not born to King Janaka through natural causes; while ploughing the land. he finds Sita.  Later this same Sita disappears back into Mother Earth.  When Rama returns, wedded to Sita (mind), he finds he cannot live in Ayodhya.  Once the mind has come, one starts expressing through it.  One has to enter the forest of life, self-exiled, as it were. (source)

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